Idea #2

In the same vein as my previous idea, I have a few thoughts on making another video based around another visual experiment. This would be testing music and its effects on people. It would also be less serious than the previous idea taking inspiration from a computer game called ‘Portal’ in which you play as a test subject attempting to complete multiple puzzles utilizing portals for transportation. My inspiration from the game comes in the form of the AI which is a computerized female voice which talks you through the puzzles in a variety of ways. Sometimes patronizing, sometimes encouraging and sometimes even threatening.

I could construct a situation on which somebody is placed alone in a room with a camera for either a fly-on-the-wall approach or a static close-up of the subject to see facial expressions and reactions more clearly. (or perhaps I could use a camera operator). I would like to use similar dialogue to that in the video above to explain to the subject what is happening and what is expected of them during the experiment.

The experiment itself isn’t the sole focus of the video, as I would aim for something humorous. That said, I could put a simple test in place in which the subject thinks they are being tested for their memory skill but instead it would be a reactionary test to see how they interacted with a voice, talking to them in different ways. Beginning with encouraging and complimentary speech and moving on to aggressive and offensive stuff. The dialogue would be written to provoke the subject.

This idea relates to the both the themes of memory and spectacle as it would be an unusual event involving a test of ones memory under intimidating circumstances.

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