Coventry Conversation – Paul Abbott

Paul Abbott (the writer of the TV series Shameless) came into the Uni to talk about his work and give the students some advice on writing techniques. I made some notes of the interest points that Paul made during the lecture.

When asked why Shameless had become so popular Paul stated it was due to the fact it was unique to anything else that is shown on TV. A couple of clips of Shameless were shown during the lecture and Paul commented on the character by saying that its necessary to make the bad guys the stronger characters because as a writer it makes you fight harder against them with the good characters because the desire to ‘beat’ them is stronger.

One of the best points that Paul made during the lecture was to have the right writing perspective. He said to never write from your own point of view, but instead to imagine yourself as a character within the story you are telling and to visualise the situations because it makes you feel the emotions of the character and write in a more understanding and realistic way. This technique works because it makes you realise the relevence of the events or situation to the character and their life, not your own.

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