Power of money

Below is a video of my Power artifact which is about the power of money.

It’s about the power of money and how everything has its price. I shot throughout Coventry City centre and mainly focused on general consumerism of clothes stores, travel agents, jewellery shops etc. The narrative is simple and open to interpretation but it is basically a person window shopping, looking at all the possibilities that money could bring you and ultimately realising that they do not have any money and therefore not having the power to do anything such as buy a gift, or travel the globe.

If I were to evaluate my video I’d have to be honest and say i’m dissapointed with myself for two reasons. Firstly I didn’t plan or prepare filming enough, I had extremely vague ideas about visualising power but they were so vague that they were only ideas and I never developed them into something that I could successfully film. When the deadline came closer I started to panic and in the end settled on something that was easy to film. This meant that the experimentation was minimal. I completed the obstruction task of editing every half a second which looking back, actually looks good in places – particularly when the camera walks through the precinct. I also managed to find an audio track that matched the obscure tempo and feel of the editing. I see this video as a result of poor preparation and a weak idea that wasn’t developed nearly enough, however I have learnt from it and I will definitely improve on it and make something superior next time around.

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