Power Presentation II

Again applying themes involved with ‘power’ to the Chilean Miners incident, only this time myself and the group covered slightly alternative elements. Here are the things that I looked at and delivered to the class.
Power can be felt everyday in many different forms but Foucault suggests that we ‘regulate’ through surveillance (as a form of discipline). Foucault says that we are constantly being monitored and we are extremely aware of this in the form of CCTV cameras, security, police etc and because we are so aware of this observation, the surveillance itself is almost unnecessary because we create our own ‘internal surveillance’. Foucault also stated that we live in an ‘economy of discourse’ wherein speech itself is passed on as the truth, it’s an arbitrary situation in which the economy of statements are passed around almost like currency.

Onto legitimate and illegitimate effects of power now and I think that it’s fair to say that the legitimate effect of power is obviously the help that the miners were given from the many hands and minds that came together to rescue them due to its coverage from the media. A controversial illegitimate effect is that it seems there could be a huge moral dilemma involved for the media due to how much power it actually has. The media globally accepted this as a story in which the miners desperately needed help which ofcourse is fair enough, but where the line is murky is when you look at why these miners are chosen to be focused on and another set of victims are not. This is perhaps an illigitimate effect of the power that the media has because it can almost directly control who is rescued and who is not, through its ability to dramatise and bring events into the focus of the worlds eye.

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