Spectacle Video

I’m going to make a short video based on the theme of ‘spectacle’. My idea works on two meanings of the word, being something spectacular as well as something involving Guy Debord’s theory on the society of the spectacle.

After watching the horrific events of ‘9/11’ again in a recent lecture the thought of where people were and what we were doing at the time it was happening crossed my mind. In my film I want to dramatically contrast the event itself with something as mundane as making a cup of tea. I will film some tightly framed shots of the various stages of making a cup of tea and obviously I will have to use archive footage of the 9/11 attacks. I will try to dramatize the mundane as much as possible and I think I can do this by using slow motion along with some great classical music. This is meant to be humorous and I got the idea when I was watching South Park in an episode that mocks ‘300’s over-use of slow-motion by putting the effect on the most unnecessary things like eating and drinking. I will mix the audio of the 9/11 footage with the shots of the tea because I think this will make the films contrast and message more powerful. Another (perhaps humorous) influence for this video is 2001: A Space Odyssey because I will try to present the visuals of the tea-making in the same vein as the famous scenes from the film, with slow, tranquil movements in harmony with a classical score.

2001: A Space Odyssey

I mentioned earlier that the idea works on two levels of meaning (of spectacle) and that’s because on a basic level it will be spectacular, aesthetically and through the event itself being spectacular in the way that it is a rare occurance that shook the whole world. The other level of meaning is through Guy Debord’s theory of the society of the spectacle. My film will apply to Debord’s theory in a subliminal way because in the parts that I will film myself it will be a suggestion that so many people were doing something unimportant and insignificant while at the same time something much bigger was happening. This isn’t a direct response to Debord’s theory because I wont be showing the ‘spectacle’ itself (being something media orientated such as television as something we hide behind) but instead a mundane task that is a representation of something insignificant that we do instead of doing something more meaningful.

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