Memory Video Idea

I have a few ideas that run through my mind for this artifact. All involving the mandatory inclusion of a split-screen. One idea is to focus on selective memory, maybe having two perspectives showing at the same time. The perspectives could be looking back on a date, with the male highlighting the good points of it, even making up things that didn’t happen, while the female only picks out the bad points of the time. Another idea along the same lines as the previous could be to show somebody asking their friend what hapenned on a recent date with a girl. It then cuts to a split-screen, with one showing what the guy is telling his friend and the other screen showing the embarassing truth.

I saw a video online that uses split-screen in a simple but effective way. It’s a commercial for the NBA –

I’m not sure exactly where I can take this idea, but it looks quite interesting and I was thinking of enhancing it further by contrasting two different cultures. In order to be able to understand everything I wont be able to play the two videos at the same time. Instead, I could either pause the footage in the editing process just have the actors remain silent at certain times. Maybe I could use this technique during the video but not completely like the NBA advert does. Instead I could use split-screen for this but also a contrast in perspective and for alternate shots of the same scene.

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