FMP Unofficial Proposal

For my Final Major Project I will create an experimental film, utilising POV shots throughout. I will try to create the most immersive experience possible showing a small narrative that involves the camera as a representation of the viewer, existing in a constructed reality. All actors within the film will therefore act to the camera itself.

I’m not yet sure what the narrative of the film will be but I will be taking inspiration from the video game series ‘Half Life’ and the TV show Peep Show.

As far as equipment is concerned, I have to find a balance between size and quality. For handheld shots obviously the handy-cam would be the easiest and most comfortable to use, but the quality will be poor. A PDX10 is bigger but perhaps still adequate for the task, while a Z1 or Z5 may be too big and heavy to move around with the agility required.

Actors I will find through a casting call on the internet. I may need around three people but I’m sure it wont be hard to find good actors to help me out as the shoot wont last longer than a week overall maximum.

Budget for the film isn’t something I really have to think about because so far I wont be doing anything within the film that raises the funds in anyway.

Distribution is easy enough to find over the internet, I can upload my video to a website dedicated to the film and then submit the film to any festivals or competitions that are running during mid 2011.

Advancing the experimentation of the film further – I recently read about an experiment tried in 1957 in which a viewer was sat down watching footage of a bike ride and with each corresponding part of the video came a scent that related to the scene. For example, freshly cut grass as the viewer could see themselves riding through fields. I might try to think of doing something similar to this in my video to really set it out from anything else.

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